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Educational partners


The Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek (DHPS) is one of 140 worldwide German Schools Abroad. Besides a recognized high academic educational standard the DHPS offers a wide variety of extra-mural activities.

Social responsibility, ethical values, mutual respect and open communication play a central role. As an awarded “Excellent German School Abroad” the learners are taught by qualified teachers from various countries including Germany and Namibia in a multi-cultural environment on very spacious school grounds. The lingual diversity found at the student body and the council of the DHPS is almost unique. Therefore the scholars have many opportunities to experience enriching cross-cultural encounters, starting from kindergarten up to Grade 12.

At DHPS, learners can obtain either the German International Abitur or the Cambridge Certificate to access renowned universities across the globe.
A long tradition as an exceptional school in Namibia (founded in 1909) combines the DHPS with the values of openness to the world and tolerance used by us as guidance for our pupils.

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