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Interview with Petra Scheuermann
Founder and Editor of PAKO Kids Magazine

Watch out for PAKO Kids Magazine issue number 61 that is being printed right now! 

Back to School Namibia is partnering up with PAKO Kids Magazine, a Namibian publication that has been educating kids on animals and nature for over 10 years! 


In 6 issues per year PAKO offers children and adults information about their natural surroundings through comics, posters, stories, and games. 

Right now, PAKO is busy collecting funds to supply Back to School Namibia with magazines to distribute to learners in remote areas of Namibia.


On October 5, 2021 Back to School Namibia conducted a short interview with Petra Scheuermann that you can read below!

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Petra Scheuermann founded PAKO Kids Magazine in 2011


BTS: Petra, how would you describe yourself? 

PS: I am animal-loving, nature-loving and I want to create a positive change for our kids here in Namibia. 


BTS: What motivates you in your work for PAKO Kids Magazine? 

PS: Starting out in working with the SPCA* and seeing what people do to nature and animals in Namibia, I became convinced that we need more education on these issues. To see what happens to animals here is so sad. Animals and nature need to be protected and every child has a right for education! 

Kids and adults alike need information about animals and nature and they are happy to learn how to take care of them. I want to help get that educational information to them. 


BTS: PAKO just turned 10. Where do you see the magazine in another 10 years? 

PS: I would love to see the magazine grow - in the number of pages to offer more games and information but also in the number of copies so that more magazines can reach even more kids. 

Schools and children are contacting us, asking for PAKO magazines but there is neither enough time nor enough funds to cater to all of them. 

In many parts of the country the kids do not have anything, not even paper and pencils, even less books. The kids love PAKO magazine for the colorful pictures and the comics and games included in it. 


BTS: Why did you partner with BTS? 

PS: A partnership with BTS is driven by the wish to reach more schools that we are currently unable to deliver to. We want to hand out the magazines to more kids living in remote areas of Namibia. 


BTS: How can people support your efforts? 

PS: The best way to help is to sponsor prints. We are very flexible in this regard. People can ask for a certain number of copies to be printed for a specific school or they can fund a given number of copies to be distributed where PAKO sees it as most impactful. The costs per copy are about 15 NAD at this point in time. People who are interested should please just contact me via email (pako@africaonline.com.na). 


BTS: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us, Petra. 

*SPCA is the "Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals" a charitable organization that aims to ensure the protection and prevention of cruelty to animals, located in Windhoek. 

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Download the newest issue of the

magazine on https://www.pako4kids.com/

(or click on the picture above).